Chris Wallace, the “journalist” who carried Joe Biden around the debate track, and refused to force him to answer the “court-packing” question when he had the opportunity, is now throwing a conniption fit that Biden is still dodging the question.

Here’s where we’re at right now with the question on court-packing – Biden is becoming even more belligerent and absurd than before.


Now, he’s saying the voters don’t have a “right” to know what his stance is, and he says he refuses to answer “Republican” questions.


A move like this would impact everyone in the country, for crying out loud – and gee, Joe, what happened to you being “everyone’s president?”

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I guess that went flying out the window…

You can watch the videos below:

Biden also got himself all confused again and thought he was in Arizona when in actuality, he was in Las Vegas.

Nothing to see here folks, just a presidential candidate who has no clue where he was or what he’s doing…

Wallace, who is obviously pulling for Team Biden to win, is now fretting that this damning question and Joe’s refusal to answer it. could be very problematic for him.

Here’s what Wallace is now saying:

“Chris Wallace Calls Out Biden for Dodging on Court-Packing: ‘Foolish’ and ‘Impossible’ for Him Not To Go on Record Before Election.”

Honestly, if Chris wanted the question answered, why didn’t he push Biden during the debate? He had all the time in the world to do so and also had a perfect venue to do it.

I’ll tell you why he didn’t…Because Wallace, like other Dems, thought they could put the question to rest and be done with it at the debate – that was Chris’s role. Throw the question out there, let Biden “skillfully” (LOL) deflect it, and move on to bigger and better things.

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That hasn’t happened, because this is an issue of major significance and importance to the American people.

One party is basically threatening to upend the entire US government and Constitution with this move, so of course, it’s an issue that needs to be discussed at length, but Biden, once again, has mishandled an issue and is now sitting in a massive puddle of political mud with nobody there to rescue him.

On court-packing:

If Biden says “no, I won’t,” his radical base will come unhinged.

If Biden says, “yes, I will,” the American people will be livid.

This is what happens when you’re not your own person, and you’re a lifetime career politician who caters to the fringe and radical loon groups – you are stifuiled, frozen, and polarized by decisions.

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