I’m guessing by how often Joe is blowing off the mask (no pun intended) that he seems some internals that reveal Americans see him as “weak” and “feeble,” or maybe even “scared.”

Because Joe has been leaving the mask off more often now…which is really odd when this is the man who has made masks, social distancing, and COOVD the cornerstone of his entire campaign. 

Check out this new ad Joe just put out. He’s now got his mask in his hand.

You can watch the video below:

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President Trump didn’t wear a mask while he was alone on a balcony – and even then the left-wing hate media went absolutely bonkers.

Granted, he just got over COVID, but hey, if the entire cornerstone of your campaign is wearing masks, you should probably do it the right way.

And Joe Biden is NOT doing it the right way.


As a matter of fact, it can’t get much more “wrong” than this…

During a speech that Biden was trying to deliver, he actually took his mask OFF in order to cough into HIS HAND.

I mean, there’s so much technically wrong with this, it’s not even funny.

And does the media say anything to Joe?

Of course not.

That’s their guy, and they’re trying like hell to drag his carcas over the finish line.

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You can watch the video below:

But Joe doesn’t adhere to any rules, it appears. Check this out:

This is a very confusing message Joe is sending people.

If masks were s important and such an all-powerful tool to save lives, shouldn’t Joe be wearing one 24/7?

Instead, he wears them here and there and then takes them off to hack up a lung in his hand.

Honestly, I can’t think of anything less safe.

Joe Biden is a superspreader.


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