If the Dems were watching the LA Times “Undecided Voter” Zoom call, they’re probably still punching the walls.

It was really, really brutal for them.


Joe Biden’s debate performance was a disaster from top to bottom.

He looked tired, and out of it…but even worse, he was angry and dark and full of doom and gloom.

On the flip side, President Trump was cheery, sunny, and optimistic.

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While Biden talked about shutting the country down and endless mandatory mask mandates, President Trump talked about opening the country up, getting back to normal, and not living in this perpetual state of godawful fear.

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It’s definitely two different “Americas” that are being offered here.

I honestly can’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would choose Biden’s failed vision…I mean, we’ve seen this show for the past 47 years and it was a flop.

And speaking of the debate and flops – Biden’s performance was so bad that it had a big impact on voters.

LA times hosted this Zoom call with undecided voters and many were definitely put off by Biden, and his performance and decided to vote for Trump because of it.

You Can watch the 3 videos below:

What should really concern the Dems is that woman…She’s looks and sounds like a typical suburban mom, who maybe doesn’t like Trump’s “bombastic” nature, but she likes his. results.

And Biden’s slowness and his senility scare her.

That’s gotta be really scary stuff for Dems, because “shes” a vote they were counting on.



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