The news today of Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s sudden death has sent shockwaves throughout America.

And one thing is for certain: this is going to make the election a heck of a lot crazier.

From CNN

Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg died on Friday, the court announced. She was 87.
Ginsburg was appointed in 1993 by President Bill Clinton and in recent years served as the most senior member of the court’s liberal wing consistently delivering progressive votes on the most divisive social issues of the day, including abortion rights, same-sex marriage, voting rights, immigration, health care and affirmative action.
Along the way, she developed a rock star type status and was dubbed the “Notorious R.B.G.” In speaking events across the country before liberal audiences, she was greeted with standing ovations as she spoke about her view of the law, her famed exercise routine and her often fiery dissents.
She had suffered from five bouts of cancer, most recently a recurrence in early 2020 when a biopsy revealed lesions on her liver. In a statement she said that chemotherapy was yielding “positive results” and that she was able to maintain an active daily routine.

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We know those on the left will be panicking over another conservative Justice taking her spot, but Conservatives on social media responses to Ginsburg’s death that’ll definitely surprise those on the left:

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“Ohhh boy, things are about to start heating up.”

“2020 is about to get REAL crazy”

“RIP RBG! We may not have agreed but you were a pioneer!”

“Didn’t agree on anything with her, but I respect her life of service. #RIP”

“Holy crap! You thought this election was contentious before? You ain’t seen nothing.”

“Game on kiddies. If trump nominates someone tomorrow the left will literally explode. May justice Ginsberg Rest In Peace. Such an amazing matriarch of the Court.”

“Fill that seat IMMEDIATELY!!!”

“Sorry to hear it. She was a strong woman. We agreed on little, but I respected her very much.”

“Man 2020 is going to end in a literal bang when Trumps confirms her replacement.”

Isn’t it lovely to see how kind and respectful these conservatives are towards a woman that they personally didn’t support?

Now just imagine how liberals would react if say Justice Clarence Thomas had passed? I’m sure some mention of “sexual predator” would arise.

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