Netflix is feeling immense backlash after the release of the “child porn” film “Cuties,” which heavily sexualizes 11-year-old girls, by showing them watching porn, and rubbing their private parts, among other horrific things.

Liberals claim the movie is somehow “combating” the sexualization of kids. Their logic is, you must show kids being “sexualized” in order to fight sexualizing kids.

What the hell?

This is not an argument,  it’s a way to push child porn legally and it’s disgusting beyond words.

I saw one of the video clips from the show and within 5 minutes I canceled my Netflix subscription.

I refuse to fund child porn.

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MORE NEWS: Obama’s and Netflix Board Member Susan Rice Remain Silent on ‘Cuties’ Scandal

And if you’ll recall, the Obamas inked a sweet deal to produce content for Netflix, and Susan Rice sits on the board.

Michelle Obama and Susan Rice are both mothers, so why hasn’t any reporter asked these women, who are heavily involved in Nextflix, what their opinions areon the movie “Cuties”?

That’s what Newsmax reporter Emerald Robinson would like to know.

Here’s what she said: “It’s strange how Netflix is promoting “Cuties” (a show that sexualizes 11 year old girls) and not a single corporate media reporter has asked Netflix employees Susan Rice or Michelle Obama why they haven’t condemned the show.”

Here are some of the responses to Emerald’s very good question:

“Should we be surprised? Media just made a hero out of Jacob Blake, who was shot by cops while on a call for Blake sexually assaulting his ex”

“Well, Michelle did send her daughter to intern with her buddy Harvey Weinstein.”

“Remember they just loved Harvey Weinstein , right?”

“Because they won’t have an answer. They’ve been caught.”

“They’re complicit! I canceled Netflix, because of this show!”

“Because they believe in it and want to support its message.”

“Let’s not forget Obama’s had their oldest daughter interning? for Weinstein’s company!”

“how strange is it? these people have told us through films, through movies, through finance who they are”

“MSM criticism of Michelle? Not in this lifetime.”

“I have three daughters, this makes me sick.”

“Well, didn’t Michelle say Beyoncé was a roll model for her girls?”

“When you be woke, it’s all about $$ and genetalis”

The fact that the liberal media is defending this disgusting trash just shows how far down the demonic hell-hole the Democrat Party has fallen.

How can we fight against child pornography and sex trafficking when we have an entire political party that promotes it and a media who covers for them?

Well, for starters, we can vote them down. If they have no power, they have no say. If we stop supporting companies like Nextflix, they will eventually go out of business – they’re not too big to fall.

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If we tune out of the sports and news media, they will crumble.

Once we realize that we truly hold all the power, and we actually start using it, things will drastically change.

The problem is a lot of us don’t want to make sacrifices…we like our shows and our sports and think “well, I’m just one person if I don’t cancel or I keep watching the NFL it won’t be a big deal.”

But it is a big deal. We need everyone to suit up and fight in this war in order to win.



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