The Democrats have been pushing this insane narrative that if Trump loses, he’ll refuse to leave the White House.

Now what they’re basing this belief off of is Trump’s statement when he said “We’ll have to see” when he was asked by a reporter if he would commit to a “peaceful transfer of power.”

Well Dems have taken that statement to mean that Trump will be barricading himself in the White House upon losing the election and according to Biden the military will then have to remove him.

Sounds more like a Hollywood movie than reality.

From BBC

“Well, we’ll have to see what happens,” the president told a news conference at the White House. “You know that.”

Mr Trump also said he believed the election result could end up in the US Supreme Court, as he again cast doubt on postal voting.

More states are encouraging mail-in voting, citing the need to keep Americans safe from coronavirus.

Every losing presidential candidate has conceded.

If Mr Trump were to refuse to accept the result of the election, it would take the US into uncharted territory and it is not clear how it would play out.

However President Trump’s opponent, Democrat Joe Biden, has previously said that in this scenario he believes the military would be deployed to remove Mr Trump from the White House.

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MORE NEWS: Biden Hammered For Calling Yet Another “Lid”…He Won’t Make Public Appearances or Take Questions Again Today

We all know how ridiculous this is, but yet CNN’s Wolf Blitzer couldn’t contain himself from asking Trump’s former National Security advisor H.R. McMaster about the hypothetical matter.

And McMaster answered by laughing in his face.

Watch the video:

I mean, it’s just beyond pathetic that this has become a talking point for the left.

It’s obvious they’re running low on material.

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