Sure, Juan Williams is used to getting shredded every single day of his life on “The Five,” and while those smackdowns are indeed brutal, the political beatdown he took from Civil Rights hero Leo Terrell takes the cake.

Terrell was responding to yet another dishonest and clueless piece written by Juan Williams for The Hill.

In the piece, Williams criticized Black Americans who appeared at the RNC Convention.

Juan argues that the only reason the RNC featured Black folks was to convince suburban women that Trump’s not “racist,” and to try and convince all Trump’s male white voters that they’re not racist if they vote for him.

What a stupid theory.

So, basically Juan thinks so little of black people, that in his mind all they’re worth is a few “brownie points” with white voters?

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Juan is a twisted and mentally deranged man and he’s in the correct political party with that sickness and attitude.

Here’s what he said:

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“So why, then, did the Trump campaign spend so much convention time having black faces lead a ‘gaslight’ crusade to create an alternate reality in which Trump is a man intent on healing racial wounds? Well, it is a mistake to think those black faces on the convention stage were speaking to black people. They were on stage to speak to white women in the suburbs and white men in Trump’s base.”

For obvious reasons, that “hot take” from Juan didn’t sit well with Mr. Terrell – a figurehead in the civil rights movement – who, until recently was himself a Democrat. But thanks to the radicalization of the party – where they’re all basically communists now – he left.

Terrell fired back at dopey Juan, calling his piece one of the most untruthful opinion pieces ever written. OUCH! He then went on to say that Juan’s opinion was “worthless.”

Truer words have never been spoken…

Here’s what Mr. Terrell said to Juan Williams: “This is one of the most untruthful opinion pieces ever written. How dare you question the motives of Blacks supporting Trump. You are entitled to your worthless opinion. ”

There is nobody who disrespects the opinion, intentions, and thoughts of Black Americans more than the Democrat Party.

If you don’t walk in lockstep with the Dems and their hopeless and miserable agenda, you are branded a liar,  and an “Uncle Tom,” and a fraud.

There’s no room for free-thinking with liberals. It’s their way or the highway.

How in God’s name is that a “tolerant” attitude?

Clearly, it’s not. And that’s why so many people are literally walking away from the phony Democrats.


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