I’m almost running out of words at this point, folks. I am bewildered by how awful this campaign is being run.

It looks and feels so cheap and chintzy and disconnected. It doesn’t even feel like this an election year. It just feels like Trump is hosting a few rallies and just doing his job and going about his day.

I’m really at a loss to understand how a campaign could be run this poorly.

Part of me thinks young dopes are running it, the other part of me thinks this can’t be real, and we’re all being punked, and then another part thinks, “we’re being lulled into a false sense of security and then their gonna drop a BOMB on us…”

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Because, seriously, how could anything be this bad on purpose, or least on accident, without somebody stepping in to fix it?

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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Anyway, that’s what’s been running through my mind as I watched this “official” video tweeted out by Jill Biden’s press secretary.

Michael LaRosa tweeted out a video from the “Biden Yard Sign Car Parade” – I am not even sure what that means, to be honest.

It was hosted by Jill, and in the official posted video only 3 cars showed up.

Good Lord.

Clearly, Biden doesn’t have any enthusiasm on the ground.

But I’ve seen his live-feeds, and he has no enthusiasm there either.

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I know a lot of people are worried about the mail-on ballots, and we should be, but gee, I don’t think they’d be able to make enough ballots to get close, at this point.

All we can do is just make sure all of our friends and family are registered to vote and ready to come out en masse for Trump and all Republicans.

That’s what we can do to ensure President Trump stays put…so focus on that and then we’ll just deal with the rest as it comes at us.


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