Yesterday, Joe Biden was carried out of his basement and traveled to Pennsylvania, where he clumsily read a 12-minute speech off of a giant teleprompter.

The speech was ghastly – especially the part about COVID that made absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But the most shocking part about the speech was what it looked like “behind the scenes.”

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OANN reporter Jack Posobiec shared the photo on his Twitter page, and it floored everyone.

In the photo, you can see Joe behind a podium in a giant room, with “white circles” for SAFE SOCIAL DISTANCING (gotta keep that panic going). There are 5 of his staffers, who appear to be catching up on work, and a cameraman (yes, he’s in a SAFE CIRCLE TOO)…and that’s it.

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Why on earth did Joe leave his” home basement” to fly to another “basement” in Pennsylvania, just to read a teleprompter in front of virtually nobody?

What the heck is going on here, folks?

I’m not the only one who thinks this is the most bizarre thing ever. Here’s what other people are saying about this creepy/weird photo:

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“This proves to me… He has Covid! No way a healthy presidential candidate would be kept away from everyone like this.”

“They are trolling us, this isnt a real campaign.”

“He flew and polluted the air for a new basement.”

“That’s the saddest thing I’ve seen all day.”

And at 3 pm he’ll be attending arts and crafts in the main dining room”

“This is like some dystopian novel.”

“I think we now know why no one shouted questions to him: there was no one there to do it. The 5 people in the Romper Room circles are his staff. Why exactly did he fly to Pittsburgh?”

“Why did he need to fly to Pennsylvania for this:

“Why didn’t he give the speech from his basement, why did he fly to Pittsburgh if he had no one attend it.”

“There were more people in the room when I had back surgery.”

“Are the 6 people too stupid to sit in a chair without taped circles around them?”

“So did he fly to Pittsburg to hide in a basement there?”

The “Biden campaign” is by far one of the weirdest political campaigns I have ever seen.

It’s so poorly run, and such a shoddy “smoke and mirrors” scam job, you have to wonder if the Democrats have lost their damn minds.

Either that or they think Americans are really stupid and really, really gullible.


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