It’s been a love/hate relationship between Ann Coulter and President Trump.

The breakup between Trump and Ann hurt my heart because I really like Ann and I believe that her passion for “America First” is so strong and so sincere…so when we lost her, I felt like we lost someone valuable.

Now, I understand the argument that Trump’s hands are tied and he’s fighting against an army of enemies, but I am just saying in the most simple of terms, that I miss Ann.

However, it sounds like she’s back…

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That’s what she said at least in a tweet.

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Ann said. “And he wins me back!”

So what did Trump do to win Ann back?

Well, he lashed out at the generals. and called them a “bunch of pussies.”

Ha ha ha!

From The Hill

President Trump lashed out at generals in a conversation with White House economic adviser Peter Navarro, according to Washington Post associate editor Bob Woodward’s new book.

According to excerpts from the book, titled “Rage,” Trump said “his generals” were “p——” in a conversation with Navarro “at one point,” The Washington Post reported.

“Not to mention my fucking generals are a bunch of p——. They care more about their alliances than they do about trade deals,” Trump told Navarro, according to Woodward.

I agree with Trump. General Kelly and “Mad Dog” Mattis turned out to be two of the most disappointing generals ever.

More like whiny, backbiting fishwives, than tough generals.

At any rate, I hope Ann sticks around, because I think she’s an amazing “America First” asset, and we need all hands on deck as we head into the election.


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