Politics is a back and forth pissing match.

One side gains some ground for a day or two, and then the other side comes back and gains more ground, and round and round we go.

The good news is that President Trump gains more ground than the demon Democrats, but let’s be honest, they’re a formidable enemy because they’ll do ANYTHING under the sun – even allow Americans to suffer and die – all to regain or hold onto political power.

So, in this back and forth battle – when your side scores a huge decisive victory – it’s a big deal…and that’s precisely what Trump did yesterday with a series of executive orders that will help Americans who are still struggling to recover after the COVID shutdown.

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Trump was forced to do the EOs because the Dems wouldn’t negotiate to help middle-class Americans…they wanted to play “politics” and allow Americans to suffer in the process.

Typical. Progressive globalists truly don’t care about Americans.

So, while Dems thought they were “winning big” by holding up the relief package, Trump went and “Trumped” them all by bypassing Dems and issuing pro-American EOs.

The Dems were left standing there, jaws on the floor, holding their own butts in their sweaty little hands, and looking like the anti-Americans communists that they truly are.

The real kicker came when Pelosi appeared on Fox News today, thinking she was going to spin this disaster into a positive, but Chris Wallace had other plans for her.

He opened up the interview by acknowledging that Pelosi is (was) known as a “master negotiator,” but then he added a caveat by saying, “didn’t you mess this one up?”


You can watch the video below:

Well, after that opener from Wallace it didn’t much matter what Pelosi said or how she tried to spin it, because once you lose liberal jackass Chris Wallace, the whole jig is up.

President Trump’s move was brilliant.

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If the Dems complain or attack him for what he did, they’re attacking middle-class Americans.

This was a huge win for Trump and a smart, smart political move. I hope he keeps this up.

After all, just like Obama, President Trump has a pen and a phone and he’s not afraid to use ’em.


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