This looks like the madness of two. You take an older fool, add a younger devil, and the result is a killer.

A Tennessee couple, Elizabeth Dishman, 22, and 52-year-old Sean Finnegan, were arrested and charged with allegedly torturing, raping, and killing a woman after offering her a place to stay at the end of 2019, according to police and multiple reports.

The victim, Jennifer Gail Paxton, 36, was allegedly “lured” to their home allegedly with the promise of a place to stay, according to records from the Anderson County’s Sheriff’s Department.

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The warrant further states that Paxton was “held against her will, physically attacked with a baseball bat, raped, deprived of food, tortured, withheld from medical care, and finally strangled with a ligature being left for dead.”

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Dishman allegedly used “bleach and a Swiffer” to clean up the living room and bedroom to get rid of the blood and other evidence, after disposing of the body in the freezer.

If that wasn’t crazy, check this out. When the horrible couple realized the police had started investigating the crime, Finnegan allegedly took the body from the freezer and placed it under his bed. In an attempt to destroy any possible evidence, he then cleaned out the freezer to make sure nothing was left behind.


The Oak Ridge Police Department responded to the home on Wednesday evening after being tipped off about a “possible homicide.”

And we, the taxpayers, are going to house and feed these two for how many years? We definitely need swift justice for cases like this. Lots of evidence and they admit to doing it. Why the years-long wait. Oh yeah. I forgot. The “poor lawyers” have to get their share.

Democrats and liberals would consider these guys caring and blame everyone else for their behavior. They are probably working on a fund to help these guys go free.

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