One thing is clear; this is no longer politics as usual.

The left, the media, and the technocrats have formed a syndicate with the sole objective of destroying Pres. Donald Trump and overturn the social order. They’ll stop at nothing, nor will they spare resources. They will break the rules, the law, and every historical and social convention to achieve their goals.

If Pres. Trump had the authority, the wonderful use of the U.S. military would be to provide security at polls and to oversee the counting of every single ballot. It would be justifiable since it was a Federal election. Why not? Federal troops have been used to make sure that black kids could go to school, that labor unions wouldn’t kill each other, and no doubt various other odd uses I’m not even aware of.

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For conservatives, apathy or fear are no longer options. They either get out there and vote or resign themselves to a life of submission to the most radical social movement seen in the West in its history.

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If Pres. Trump “loses” re-election, then expect violence if the “winners” are unwilling to audit the vote. I don’t mean recount; I mean where each voter is polled. Yes, we have ID-10-T voters who will vote Democrat, but there is no way that the majority is that stupid. If the majority is that stupid, America is lost, and we need to start doing the heavy lifting of getting the train back on track.

A friend of mine told me the other day, “If Trump wins reelection, the Left will get more violent.”

I can appreciate this view, but I think it’s exactly wrong for two reasons. First, these anarchists only attack soft targets. They get trounced when the hard venture areas. A renewed Trump administration will thrash them. Local democrats are damned.


And that leads me to my second reason. Trump will be vindicated and unleashed. He will bring order to the planned chaos. Economic prosperity renewed, and criminals put where they belong. If Sleepy Joe and his Democrats get elected, the left will unleash their version of violence and payback on us all of us.

Going silent is not going to make a difference against this Marxism. This is the entire problem. It is the cowards way out. It is why we are here. It is why large organizations remain silent while children are trafficked through the back door. It is why women soldiers are raped, and nothing is done. I could go on and on. We need to make a conscious stand and soon or we will lose our nation. It is called patriotism. Does anyone have it? All of these Constitutional rights that make it possible for you to own property? You will lose.

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Just like most people, I have already decided how I am going to vote. It’s not that I vote a party line, but if there are no viable choices, I have to vote for the logical person of the two candidates.

I maintain that fronting Joe Biden for president is elder abuse. His mind is gone, and that would leave a committee to run the country if he were elected, and that is not how we roll.

I am inundated with daily emails on behalf of conservative groups. I don’t read them, nor do I respond to random polls asking who I plan to vote for. I know, and I don’t need to read more.

At this point, Donald Trump could suspend all campaigning, raising money, or making further promises, but I am still going to vote for him. Screw the polls.



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