I’ll tell you who “gets it” on our side…Ted Cruz.

the 2016 primary was a rough one, and there was a lot of bad blood between Trump and Cruz and their supporters. But four or so years later, and Ted Cruz has emerged as one of President Trump’s greatest allies and supporters.

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And not only that, he’s a staunch supporter of “America First.”

So, who better to shred the communist DNC Convention than Mr. Cruz?

From Bizpacreview

U.S. Senator Ted Cruz slammed Democrats for ignoring Middle America while pandering to elites and the “woke mob” in their overtures to the radical left.

The Texas Republican weighed in on the opening night of the Democratic National Convention, telling Fox News host Laura Ingraham that Democrats are “nowhere to be found” when it comes to speaking for average Americans. He also blasted the party for “not saying a meaningful word” about riots across U.S. cities and took aim at their presumptive nominee Joe Biden.

“The Democrats today are the party of the rich,” Cruz said on “The Angle” Monday.

“They’re the party of coastal elites. They’re the party of Manhattan and San Francisco… That’s who they’re trying to appeal to, is the radical left. When it comes to working men and women, when it comes to union members, when it comes to the Ohio steelworker, they were nowhere to be found.”

He pointed out the silence of Democrats as Antifa mobs burn down police union halls, noting how union leaders used to stand together.

“The Democrats have said, ‘We care more about the woke mob than we do about standing with cops, firefighters or working men and women,’” Cruz said. “And to go tonight without saying a meaningful word about the riots, about the police officers being murdered, it’s an example of how the Democratic Party, they’re getting more and more extreme.”

This extremism, he argued, is a result of their hatred for President Donald Trump.

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You can watch the video below:

I watched a clip from yesterday’s DNC fiasco, where three radical loons discussed how the Dem party is now talking about “abolishing ICE, cops, and prisons.”

How does anyone on planet earth think that that type of talk resonates with American people?

The Democrats are so out of touch with the heart and soul of America because they’ve kicked God to the curb.


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