It’s always amusing to watch communist protesters engage with average American homeowners.

They learn really, really quickly that middle-class America is not the same as the soy-soaked liberal city officials that they’re used to battling.

When these spoiled, entitled Marxist “20-somethings” leave the security of their urban sh*t hives and head out into the ‘burbs to spread their “Marxist BLM” hogwash they are not given a “wide berth” to express themselves and throw massive tantrums and force their idiotic world views on everyone and their brother.

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Instead, this one particular group of commies in Seattle who stormed the suburbs ended up facing-down a group of armed homeowners who basically “perp-walked” the little communists right outta their neighborhood.

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My favorite exchange between the two groups was this:

We are peaceful! You pointed a gun at my face!”

Homeowner: “That’s why you are peaceful.”

Beautiful 😂

You can watch the video below:

It’s one thing to throw a hissy fit in downtown Seattle, it’s quite another to try and infiltrate American neighborhoods.

That’s just not going to happen.

Americans are well-armed and will defend their homes and their families from teenage communist sh*theads without even blinking an eye.

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Americans are the most understanding and accomodating people – maybe too much so, especially nowadays – but you push these understanding people even a milliliter too far and you’ll quickly see how hard they’ll fight.

We need more of that. It’s time to push back on this communist insurrection.


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