Can you imagine sitting in your house and all of a sudden being jarred awake by a swarm of violent, sociopathic teenage commies?

It sounds awful, but it was a reality for one Portland neighborhood.

A literal horde of Antifa communists stormed the backyards of innocent Americans as they fleed the police.

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The incident happened in “southeast Portland,” and the violent terror group tried hiding in people’s backyards to avoid being arrested by the police.

Are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA Marxist movements?

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One brave homeowner stood out on his deck (unarmed) and told the communists to get off his property.

Investigative reporter Andy Ngo posted the clip on Twitter.

Here’s what he said: “As police dispersed antifa rioters in SE Portland, they ran onto people’s property to hide from cops. One home owner goes out and tells them to get out.”

You can watch the video below:

Since this guy lives in Portland, it’s unlikely that he’d have a gun, but even if he did, it’s a good thing he didn’t stand outside with it…we all saw what happened to decent law-abiding Americans in St. Louis who dared to guard their homes against a mob of violent BLM rioters who were threatening to kill them and their dog…they were charged with felonies by a Soros-backed crooked “DA.”

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If this homeowner came out of his house with a gun, he’d probably be facing “life in prison” while Obama’s “peaceful protesters” run free.

We have a two-tier justice system. One set of rules for the elites and their henchmen, and another for us patriotic peasants.

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