A Chicago Police spokesman tossed the failed and disgraced Mayor Lori Lightfoot under the bus during a press conference.

Not once, but twice.

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The spokesman, who was speaking about the recent savage looting that overtook the Miracle Mile and beyond, didn’t dance around the issue or the reasons why the looters feel so emboldened to break the law in such a brazen fashion.

He went right to the heart of the issue and said the reason why these looters do what they do is that they have never been held “accountable.”

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Whether he realizes it or not, that is a direct hit against Mayor Lightfoot and her completely failed leadership.

The Mayor sets the tone. The Mayor is the “captain of the ship.”

And trust me, Lightfoot is not shy about turning everything into a political game.

This woman has spent months praising the so-called “peaceful protests” while she’s been attacking law-abiding citizens who go to the damn beach.

This crazed and inept woman will go to the beach and put up fences and barricades to stop good law-abiding people from not “social distancing,” but she will do nothing – even encourage people who get out and “protest.”

And we all know there are no “peaceful protests.” I think maybe there were 3 peaceful protests back in May. Maybe.

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So, when the Chicago PD spokesman came out and said that looters and criminals were taking to the streets to commit crimes because they know nobody will do anything to stop them, that is an assault on how Mayor Lightfoot is running the city…running it into the ground, is more like it.

I don’t care how lightfoot is now “back-peddling” and desperately trying to blame it on prosecutors.

This is all on her. She is the mayor and she sets the tone.

Here’s what the spokesman said: “Criminals took to the streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions. Let me say that again. Criminals took to the streets with confidence that there would be no consequences for their actions.”

You can watch the video below:

It’s high-time these failed Democrat leaders are called out and held responsible for how they’re destroying these cities.

If they won’t hold the looters, rioters, and communists accountable, we will hold the failed politicians accountable.

Because trust me, once these failed so-called “liberal leaders” go, the bad stuff will go with them.

All this chaos and madness only exist because they allow it to…and more Americans need to realize that.


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