Is it her old age or the Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome that is causing Nancy Pelosi to lose her last marble?

She’s really gone batty lately.

And it’s not in a “buckle down and fight” kinda way…It’s more like a befuddled and confused woman who can no longer properly process or control her emotions kinda way.

The Dems are really having a rough go of it lately…While the fake media tells us that Biden is “soaring” in the polls, and Trump doesn’t have a “chance” of winning, the real story of what’s happening can be seen on the stressed-out, anxiety-riddled faces of people like Nancy Pelosi.

They have a candidate who can’t speak in public without a “medical cocktail” and even then, his cognitive issues are raging out of control, not to mention, half of the Dem base is screaming to “defund the police,” while burning down our cities and beating and killing innocent Americans for sport.

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It’s a real sh*tshow, but the media tells us it’s all great and Dems are crusin’ to victory.

And speaking of media, the usually cozy relationship between the Dems and the jackals in the fake news media is even strained.

Look what Nancy Pelosi just did to a PBS reporter who threw a “devil’s advocate” question at her during an interview.

Pelosi was so enraged at the tough question that she completely flipped-out on the host and then accused her of working with the Republicans.

You can watch the video below:

This is definitely not the actions or emotions of the “winning team,” that’s for darn sure.

Dems are a frazzled mess, and all the fake polls and mainstream media hit pieces will not change the fact that they’re running a candidate who is two sneezes away from full-blown Alzheimer’s.  It also won’t change the fact that they have no plans to bring back the economy, no plans to deal with China, and no plans to stop their wild communist base from destroying cities and hurting American citizens.

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The Dems have thrown everything they can at Trump…impeachment, plagues, and riots, and his approval rating has hardly budged – as a matter of fact, Rasmussen has him back up at 51 percent.

And as you can tell from Pelosi’s deranged paranoia, they know they’re in big, big trouble.


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