I guess Oprah Winfrey can dish it out, but she sure as heck can’t take it.

Oprah is taking a lot of heat for her latest special that shamed white people for their undeniable privilege.

Many people found it ironic that a black billionaire was chastising white people as having massive advantages.

It feels a lot like perpetuating “victimhood,” when instead Oprah could be using her platform and her own experience to empower black people.

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Her special was supposedly designed to help America “heal” from “systemic racism” and civil unrest by attacking people because of their skin color.

Makes perfect liberal sense, right?

Winfrey focused on people’s “whiteness” as the billionaire delved into how privileged white people are thanks to their skin color.

To help make her point, Oprah had on a bunch of self-hating white people.

But the real irony in all of this is that after her special “The Oprah Conversation” aired on Apple TV+, Oprah blocked all Twitter users from commenting on the program and sharing their thoughts and feeling.

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Only the very few “privileged people” that Oprah hand-picked could make comments on the video of the special she posted.

She made it so that only the specially tagged people in her post were allowed to comment and have a discussion about the special.

The rest of us lowly peasants just had to sit and listen.

Oprah is in danger of further damaging her brand with this divisive identity politics.

She’s already lost her egomaniacal magazine “O,” and her cable station “OWN” is flailing, not to mention that nearly every high=profile candidate Oprah backs, ends up losing.

It’s that very tried and true philosophy of “get woke and go broke” that is playing out with Oprah… the same thing is currently happening with the MLB and NBA.

When will these people wake up?


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