Elites can’t get out of Manhattan fast enough.

It’s gotten so bad, that “Serial Killer” Governor Cuomo is now offering to buy “dinner and drinks” for any rich New Yorkers who agree to come back…this is the guy who killed at least 11k New Yorkers with his “Nursing home scam,” but that’s a whole ‘nother conversation.

For now, we’ll focus on the other failed New York leader Bill de Blasio.

He’s made New York into such a dangerous dung heap by releasing criminals from prison and allow #BLM looters and rioters to take over the city and call the shots.

Finally, fed-up New Yorkers said, “enough,” and bailed.

Which Democrat-city do you think is most dangerous?

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And now that the elites are moving out (sometimes leaving their furniture behind) the homeless have scooped up the discarded furniture and moved right in.

Now, Chelsea’s District in Manhattan (24th. and 6th Ave) looks like a bums paradise – Skid Row wished it looked this dilapidated and disease-riddled.

You can watch the video below:

If you want your neighborhood to look like an outbreak of Tuberculosis vote BLUE.

Dementia Joe and his radical sidekick Kamala will have these types of folks moving into beautiful neighborhoods all over this country.

What they’ll do America will make New York City look like child’s play.


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