I know, I saw the title of this video and kinda rolled my eyes, and then I decided to watch, and now I am thinking, “Yeah, they’d totally do something like this…”

Look, at this point, we can’t put anything past these desperate and demonic Dems.

Here’s the general plan:

Laurence Tribe is a so-called “American Legal scholar” from Harvard. He appeared on Joy Reids (really low-rated) new MSNBC show, where he gave away the Dems plot to finally make Nancy Pelosi president.

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Here’s how it would go down: The use of unreliable and chaotic mail-in ballots which as we already see in New York is causing massive delays could mean that a clear winner couldn’t be chosen.  And what does that mean?

Well, if there’s no clear winner by January 20 then Lawrence Tribe says Nancy Pelosi would become president…as long as the Dems keep control of the House.

You can watch the video below:

Sure, this sounds far-fetched and I am sure there’s some loophole that would render this idea null and void – but let’s get real…

These Dems are absolutely desperate – more desperate than they’ve ever been so, even though this may sound a bit “wacky,” I implore everyone to prepare for the unexpected because at this point anything on earth can happen.


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