There has been a sad outcome in the case of a missing 17-year-old Swedish teenager.

The teen was dating a 23-year old migrant when she went missing many months ago.

That Kurdish migrant has now been charged with the gruesome murder of his girlfriend Wilma Andersson, after her head was found in a suitcase inside his apartment.

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The migrant, Tishko Ahmed, first came to Sweden back in 2006.

He is now claiming he’s innocent and points to the fact that he kept her head as proof that he loved her too much to actually kill her.

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Andersson had not been seen alive since November 14.

From Voice of Europe

Police now believe that Wilma was murdered on the evening of November 14, according to a report by Expressen. Neighbors testified about hearing screams from the migrant’s apartment at the time. A number of motorists later called police to notify them that they had seen the migrant walking along a nearby highway and acting strangely.

Responding police stopped him on the highway that night to question him about his activities. The officers reported that the Kurd appeared to be in a state of shock. He told them that he was walking there as a consequence of having been in a fight and then missing a train.

After Wilma’s disappearance, police launched a massive search to locate her which involved many volunteers as well as police. Although body parts verified as belonging to Wilma were located, it wasn’t until two weeks later that police announced they had made a discovery which ruled out finding her alive. That discovery was her head.

Wilma’s head was found packed in a suitcase in the migrant’s apartment with aluminum foil and tape, alongside a stuffed animal.

When police confronted the migrant about their find, he sat silently for 27 minutes before asking to go to the bathroom. When shown photos, he only said, “It’s brutal.”

The migrant had consistently responded “no comment” to questions from the police about the murder until he finally began answering on April 15. He has consistently maintained his innocence since he was first arrested on suspicion of the murder on November 22.

Police also found Wilma’s DNA on knives inside the man’s apartment. Traces of her blood were also found in his living room.

Police also found out that prior to her going missing the migrant sent Wilma a text message stating he wanted to “cut her up into pieces”

Friends of the couple said the two frequently argued and they think he was abusing Wilma.

Migrant crime is a growing problem in Sweden as crime rates are skyrocketing.


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