The Dems are going postal…Literally.

Now that the Russia conspiracy was proven wrong they need a new phony story to latch onto and spread – Dems are not happy unless they’re in a frantic outrage.

So, their new conspiracy involved the post office. They’re spreading rumors that President Trump is trying to “steal” the election by having mailboxes all over the country removed and by “destroying” the United States Postal service.

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It’s probably one of the dumbest “outrages” they’ve had, but in all fairness, they’re running out of material.

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They’re also trying to scare the living daylights out of elderly Americans by telling them that Trump is destroying the post office and they won’t get their social security checks.

Governor Whitmer went on CNN and spread this lie.

“The talking points have gone out – Whitmer on CNN right now claiming all Social Security checks go out through the postal service. This is just a flat freaking lie. My god.”

Maxine Waters did the same in a tweet, claiming Trump was “slowing down the mail” in order to stop social security checks.

Here’s what Mad Max said: “Trump, we’re all hearing from seniors! They need their medicine, their groceries, they need their disability & social security checks! Why are you harming us by slowing down the mail system & destroying the #USPS! Don’t you understand how important the mail system is?”

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There’s only one problem with that theory…Social Security stopped sending paper checks when Obama was President.

Peter Hasson, one of the Daily Caller editors called out Mad Max for her blatant lie.

Here’s what he said: Hard to believe, considering Social Security stopped sending paper checks in March 2013

The Dems are desperate and will do anything to win, even fearmonger and flat-out lie to the Ameican people.

That’s why people like you are so important – we don’t have the mainstream media to combat the lies, but we have you – so get the word out, so everybody knows that this “social security” frenzy the Dems are cooking up is a baldfaced lie.


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