This couple looks like creatures from another planet that were just beamed down to Applebee’s, right?

Look, I get it that some people feel more “secure” wearing a mask out, and some folks are very high-risk, but this is just absurdity.

How is that “mask” doing anything if you’re opening your mouth to eat with it on?

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Do germs suddenly stop flowing because you need to take a bite of your pasta primavera or take a sip of your Heineken on tap?

Do you wear a medical mask in public?

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At some point, people need to start using some common sense, because this is just insanity and fosters more of this panicked environment that is just running rampant.

You can watch the video below:

Next thing you know, these types of “eating masks” will be required to enter and dine inside restaurants.

Can’t you see it now?

Today we’re laughing about it, tomorrow we’re fighting against it.

That’s how crazy things have gotten out there.


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