Before you read this story and watch the video, I want to remind you that you have a .003% chance of dying from COVID.


Point Zero Zero Zero Three.

Everyone needs to get a grip.

This is a bad virus for elderly people and people with underlying health conditions, including obesity.

Do you wear a medical mask in public?

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This is not a bad virus for everyone else…for the majority of people it’s a mild or severe upper respiratory sickness, like a mild cold or severe “bronchitis.”

So, why are humans losing their marbles over this virus?

I’ll tell you why…It’s the media. They have gaslit everyone and created such a frenzied panic that people actually think the word “COVID” or “Coronavirus” is synonymous with a “death sentence.”

It’s not.

I had COVID – actually a really bad case. My daughter also had a bad case, and so did my elderly mom. But we all made it. It’s not a “death sentence.”

Yes, many people have died, but a lot of those dead Americans were sadly vulnerable people from nursing homes.

Yet, the entire world is acting as if this is the next Bubonic Plague.

This video here is exceptionally disturbing to watch – a woman, who reportedly has a “health reason” for not wearing a mask, was literally “CHOKED” by a police officer for not wearing a mask.

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The incident happened in Melbourne, Australia. A place with a population of about 5 million and 246 deaths total from COVID-19.

Do you see what I mean? Total gaslighting.

The whole disturbing scene was caught on video.

From Newsweek

Bystanders recorded footage of a physical altercation between a Melbourne police officer and a woman over a face mask yesterday, with the officer apparently “choking” the woman in the viral video.

The video shows police talking to the 21-year-old St. Kilda woman on a street in Collingwood. The woman appeared to attempt to walk away, but was blocked by the police officer, who grabbed her and put his hand up to her neck. The woman shouted; “He’s choking me!”.

As the woman resisted, there was a struggle along the street, the officer still had a firm grip on the woman as she continued to plead “he’s choking me,” and screamed “get off of me”. A female police officer approached the woman as the male officer pinned her to a wall. The woman being “choked” kicked in the direction of the female police officer as she started to approach.

“Look what you are doing over a mask?” said the man filming the video during the physical altercation. “She’s got an excuse for not wearing a mask,” he is heard saying in the video. “She went to the doctor yesterday.”

You can watch the video below:

This virus is being used by a progressive media and globalist movement as a form of “control” and a political weapon.

Look, I have nothing against people who want to wear a mask. I get it that a lot of people are scared and feel “vulnerable.” But what I have an issue with is turning the use of a mask into a political and social weapon against people who don’t have that same level of paranoia, or who are perfectly healthy.

“Oh, but you have to save Grandma….”

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Okay, so does that mean we wear masks all year long because Granny can also die of the flu? Where does this end?

It would be one thing if masks were proven to stop the virus. They’re not. And the so-called experts told us a few months ago that masks were pretty much pointless and not to wear them.

Now, they’ve changed their minds..again and we’re just supposed to blindly comply and not ask questions or raise concerns?

Uh, this isn’t China…yet.

The bottom line here is that we’ve clearly gone off the rails with this entire COVID “pandemic.”

When you’re literally placing your hands around someone’s kneck and CHOKING them for not wearing a mask, maybe you need to stop and ask yourself what the hell you’re doing and why you’re doing it.



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