The NBA just got their woke butts kicked by Sean Hannity and Tucker Carlson.

LeBron might want to tone down his anti-Trump rhetoric before things get even worse…He’ll have to beg Daddy China to pay his mortgage. 

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The newly extra “wokifed” NBA, MLB, and NASCAR are getting hammered in the ratings.

Each league kicked off their season with major “Black Lives Matter” fanfare.

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NASCAR jumped behind Bubba Wallace’s claims that a noose was put in his garage as a “hate crime,” and even got everyone together to PUSH his car around the track in a show of solidarity that looked more like a half-baked social justice sideshow. It turns out the “noose” was not a “noose,” it was actually a garage door pull.

The NBA and MLB all “took a knee” during their opening games, and they’re planning even more BLM support with special “sayings” printed on their jerseys and on the courts and fields.

But it’s all for not…

Because the “Silent Majority” has responded to the politicization of sports with a resounding “no thanks,” by tuning out and dropping the ratings into the toilet.


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But out-of-touch, clueless athletes like Lebron James either don’t “get it,” or haven’t been told of the sinking ratings, and are now doubling down.

LeBron just said during an interview that the ‘basketball community” doesn’t care if President Trump isn’t watching basketball because of the kneeling.

You can watch the video below:

Well, gee, LeBron, I think the basketball community does care about Trump and the disrespectful kneeling and politics since they’re tuning out in droves.

Looks like it will take a few more weeks of abysmal ratings for these sports franchises to start getting the hint.

Or hey, maybe they won’t get the hint and they’ll just go to “China Daddy” and ask for a bigger allowance to pay their bloated salaries.


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