I gotta tell you, I am shocked that Biden picked Kamala Harris for his VP.

Although, after she got that crazy facelift I should have known…But I still thought he’d go with the arguably better choice Susan Rice.

Yes, Susan Rice is a disgraced liar, but they all are. I think Susan would have been stronger in terms of convincing people she would take over the reins from Dementia Joe.

Harris polled so terribly in the primaries and was such a disappointment, and her record of locking up black people is almost as bad as Bidens.

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But, I think it’s great news for us – and judging by the reaction on the right, I am not the only one who thinks that way.

Here are some of the best reactions:

“All jokes aside— I respect @JoeBiden for finding a Vice Presidential mate that locked up *almost* as many black men as he did. ”

“If Biden wins… Harris is going to plant a little weed on him 3 months in and claim the presidency… 100%”

“Kamala doesn’t shore up a swing state, her ego will have her bumping against Biden, her people leak. This choice, while expected, isn’t a needle mover and overall is a mistake, because voters know the choice isn’t Trump v. Biden, it’s Trump v. the VP. Voters already rejected her.”

“This tweet has aged like a fine mold”

“Kamala Harris believes Joe Biden’s accusers. Maybe she thinks she is auditioning for To Catch a Predator.”

“Joe Biden managed to pick a running mate who enjoys putting black people in jail more than he does.”

“Biden had to read a script when he called Kamala”

“In the notes: “I’m calling you today because…””

“Kamala Harris, the Democrat nominee for President-in-waiting, has already promised to dramatically hike your taxes. If you want to pay higher taxes, then President-in-waiting Kamala Harris is definitely for you!”

Buckle up everyone, it’s going to be a wild but fun ride.

We’ve got this!


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