Before “kind” and “amazing” Ellen Degeneres was blackballed by COVID and for being a phony, nasty, rude, intolerant tyrant, she was yucking it up on her talk show with Kamala Harris.

The two women were chatting about what it’d be like to be stuck in an elevator with either Trump, Pence, or Jeff Sessions. Ellen read a question, asking Kamala who she’d rather be stuck with.

Kamala – who we all know is also a phony, nasty, rude, intolerant tyrant, responded by saying, “Do both of us have to come out alive.”

of course joking about killing one of the three men…

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Because that’s what the “kind and loving” left does…They constantly make reference to killing Trump or hurting him. It’s like some sick and disgusting obsession and they always fluff it off like it’s a “ha ha joke.”

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Meanwhile, there was a shooting at the WH yesterday. These people won’t be happy until someone assassinates our America First President.

They actually are giddy at the thought…just look how hard and crazy these two hyenas are laughing about it.

Kamala is cackling like a Hillary Clinton on steroids and Ellen can hardly contain herself, she actually starts “clapping.”

The two women are nasty, evil showboats.

You can watch the video below:

Isn’t it just perfect? The meanest woman in Hollywood and the coldest stiff in politics – together,  laughing about death and violence…

It’s like a match made in heaven, right?


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