It used to be that a few liberal arts colleges were the breeding grounds for Marxism AKA “liberalism.”

They were few and far between and if you didn’t send your kid to one of those artsy-fartsy colleges they’d be fine.

But all of that’s changed nowadays…every college is a breeding ground for communist propaganda and liberal indoctrination.

And it’s so bad that it’s also seeping into elementary schools and high schools.

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We’ve created an entire generation (or two) of these radicalized communists…the same ones we see blocking traffic, and burning down buildings.

That’s exactly what Democrat Professor Jonathan Turley said when he testified before Congress.

Turley said that the reason why Antifa is “winning” is because universities are blocking any conservative voices from speaking on campus.

Effectively, these colleges and universities have created the communist Antifa that is currently trying to destroy the country and there’s no end in sight.

From Campus Reform 

George Washington University Law Professor Jonathan Turley testified Tuesday before Congress, in which he warned lawmakers that Antifa is “winning” and that much of academia, whether wittingly or unwittingly, is complicit in its success.

“They are winning because universities are now effectively blocking conservative or opposing speakers to avoid violent clashes. They are winning because the media and politicians downplay such violence to avoid criticism. They are winning because local officials are ordering police to stand down or prosecutors to drop charges to avoid further conflict. They are winning because free speech itself is being viewed as a destabilizing factor in our schools and society. Antifa has achieved its anti-free speech agenda to a degree that even longtime critics never imagined possible.  It only took inaction from our government and silence from our citizens,” Turley said during his testimony.

He told the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Subcommittee that Antifa is “winning,” according to the testimony.  Turley cited a GWU student, an alleged Antifa ringleader, who stated that the movement is winning following his arrest for taking down statues in Washington, D.C.

If conservatives can’t find a way to steam clean American universities and rid them of these communist roaches, we’re in big trouble.

Right now, the commie insurrection is manageable, but it won’t be for much longer if we don’t get a grip on what’s happening to academia.

It’s “do or die” time for the right – it won’t matter how many elections we win if an entire swath of the population is indoctrinated with communist propaganda.


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