Nobody wanted Harris during the primaries. She was one of the biggest disappointments, polling terribly, and just coming off as stiff as a 2X4.

So, it’s curious that Biden would choose her. In most cases a VP doesn’t really matter – nobody votes for a VP…however, in Biden’s case, where he’s 2 sneezes away from full-blown Alzheimer’s the VP pick is much more important, because we all know he won’t last a full term.

Can you imagine President Harris?

Of course you can’t…and neither could Dems, that’s why she was out so quickly.

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However, she can string a sentence together, so she has that going for herself.

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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And trust me, Joe will need that, because as we all know by now, he can’t string a sentence together. As a matter of fact, he actually needed to have a pre-written script before he called Kamala to tell her the good news.

That’s right, a PR photo taken of the moment Biden called Kamala shows the script he read off of…It also shows that Biden is holding his phone upside down.

[email protected] had to read from a script when he told @KamalaHarris she was his pick ”

“In the notes: β€œI’m calling you today because…””

“Of course Biden was holding his phone upside down when he called Harris to tell her she was his VP”

“Joe Biden had to read from a script to call Kamala – and he was holding his phone upside down”


Well, Biden couldn’t get the phone right and he needed help saying his words – but, hey, at the very least his handlers decided to tell him today who he “picked” for VP, so that was nice of them.


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