AOC was told she would only get 60 seconds to speak.

Apparently, AOC didn’t appreciate getting the bums-rush from the Democrat establishment, because she used her 60 seconds, to turn everything on it’s head. She didn’t endorse Joe Biden, instead, she used her lousy one minute to nominate Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.


You know what this means, right?

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The radical wing of the Democrat party just decided to hand Trump reelection on a silver platter so they can burn down the establishment and start over.

What type of cognitive issues do you think Joe Biden Has?

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Grab your popcorn, folks, this just got REALLY REALLY interesting,

You can watch the video below:

Buckle up, this boring Dem convention just got really GOOD!

Bernie’s biggest “fan account” just chimed in and let everyone know, Bernie isn’t going away.

This story is developing, we’ll keep you updated.

AOC just responded, claiming people were “just confused” and she was asked to nominate Bernie for the “roll call”  but she really wants Joe Biden.

and then she offered him “congratulations.”

The whole thing sounds very staged and very suspicious.

If she knew she was going to do this, why not say it ahead of time instead of causing such mass panic and confusion?

Something is up folks, we’ll keep an eye on this one for sure.




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