What BLM and Antifa are doing has nothing to do with George Floyd or the “Frist Amendment.”

It’s about fear, intimidation, power, control, and communism.

Because blocking roads and pulling guns on innocent drivers isn’t “protesting,” it’s the literal definition of terrorism.

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These people are not out “fighting for justice.”

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They’re out trying to intimidate you and tell you “they’re in charge now.”

From Tony Katz

In Indianapolis, Black Lives Matter protesters pointed guns at a motorist in an attempt to stop cars from driving on the streets during a demonstration. Indianapolis leaders, including Democrat Mayor Joe Hogsett and the Indianapolis City-County Council have remained silent.

Other parts of the video show protesters blocking traffic and throwing water on cars. You can see the guns being pointed at the blue pick-up truck at the :35 second mark. The video is from the Indy Star.

You can watch the video below:

These people are not out on the streets to burn a few cop cars or throw bricks.

They have one goal, and one goal only…and that’s to bring down the current U.S. system one way or another – either by violence or by co-opting the Democrat Party…or both.

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What’s most worrisome when it comes to this attempted government coup is that the GOP is weak.

They’re great when it comes to “talking” but very useless when it comes to action – and this communist insurrection is just gearing up so we’re going to need a lot of action.


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