I took one look at this video and my jaw was on the floor.

Pro-Trump Doctor David Samadi, who lives in New York City, decided to head to downtown Manhattan today and have a look around…and what he saw is absolutely bone-chilling and his little 20-second clip went mega-viral.

Dr. Samadi stood in the middle of Maddison Ave., in downtown Manhattan and filmed what the city looks like on a typical Saturday afternoon.

It literally looks like a ghost town. All that’s missing are the tumbleweeds rolling by.

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There was not a person to be seen on the clip, and Samadi said he had been standing in the middle of the street for 5 minutes.

In his tweet, Samadi congratulated de Blasio for solving the NYC traffic problem….because everyone has left the city.

And while some of the mass exoduses may be from COVID, much of it is also due to the fact that de Blasio has allowed the crooks and bad guys to run the city and has demonized the police.

Crime is literally soaring out of control in New York right now.

You can watch the video below:

Samadi then went on to blast de Blasio for crippling the city and undoing all the great work that former Mayor Giuliani and Police Commissioner Kerik did for the city. Samadi also mentioned how desperate Governor Cuomo is to get people back into the city, saying he’ll even buy them “drinks.”

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Samadi then wisely points out that thanks to Cuomo, they’re not allowed in bars anymore.

Here’s what he said: Everything that @RudyGiuliani and @BernardKerik worked so hard to do in fixing New York City has been undone. Slowly but surely, DeBlasio has crippled this incredible city. Gov. Cuomo is begging people to come back, offering to buy them drinks… but are they allowed in bars?

It’s really shocking to see a dystopian New York City that looks like something out of a Hollywood movie.  But that’s the reality today, thanks to two Democrat idiots running the city into the ground.

Between COVID and the riots, these two morons have literally taken a once great and thriving city and turned it into a dying ghost town.

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Look, you can’t stand there and brag to people Like de Blasio did, about letting criminals out of jail, while violent crime rates are soaring, and then cut the police budget and still expect people to stick around.

That’s not going to happen in the real world…but Dems don’t live in reality, do they?


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