Well, who couldn’t see this one coming?

Lasts night’s big grand opening of the Dem convention was an absolute cringe-fest from start to finish.

And speaking of finish, did you happen to see how they ended their first night?

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I can’t believe how out of touch and clueless these people are.

The country is being burned down by BLM and Antifa warlords and communists, innocent Americans are being dragged from the cars and beaten into comas, and the Dems are celebrating them with goofy songs as if their lie about “peaceful protesters” is actual reality.

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Check out this video:

So, it’s no wonder that the ratings took a massive dive.

And by massive dive, I mean they’ve lost about 50% of their audience…and this was on the FIRST NIGHT, which is usually the biggest night of all.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Chicago Looter Arrested After She Live-Streamed Herself Ransacking a Store On FaceBook

They even trotted out Michelle Obama, for crying out loud. She’s their “ace in the hole” and she couldn’t even move the dial.

The DNC couldn’t even get 6 million people to watch their big “Resist” show.

I’m telling you the Dems are in an absolute panic right now, because before they could hide their lack of enthusiasm. Biden didn’t have to do rallies, he could hide in his basement and they could trot out their absurd over-sampled polls.

But now, they have to all come out of hiding and now we can really see the “enthusiasm gap.” And I have to be honest, it’s even worse than I thought it would be.

I was chatting with a friend earlier today, and we were discussing the race – the Biden/Harris ticket to be exact – and he agrees with me. This has got to be the absolute worst political ticket of all time. What were they thinking? Has TDS eaten way at all Dem frontal lobes?

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You have a man who is a sneeze away from Alzheimer’s and a woman who has the personality of sandpaper. She’s like Hillary Clinton, but without the swag.

And they’re trying to sell this ticket to America as if it’s some “fresh new take.” It’s absurd. The Democrat Party is so out of touch with the American people, that after they lose in 2020 they’re really going to need to have a “come to Jesus” talk with themselves and burn what’s left of the party to the ground and start over.

Their first order of business should be to kick the Clintons to the curb, and Barack should be next one out the door. He’s utterly useless.


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