I will tell you what – the RNC is having the convention of their lives right now.

The contrast between the RNC and the DNC is stunning and stark.

On the DNC side you have this “Orange Man Bad” and “America sucks” vibe that is so negative and joyless and hopeless too.

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It’s just dark and miserable and filled with hate and anger.

Then on the RNC side, you have patriotism and hope, and joy.

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Of course, America is not perfect, but for goodness sake, we’re the best country on the planet even with our faults.

But if you listen to the Dems America is hateful, racist, and awful. According to them, we need to burn down our entire system and all of our processes and start over.


Are there issues and things that need to be worked on? Of course, that’s normal, that’s life. But to suggest that America is this dark and evil place filled with hate is not who we are…and it’s insulting to American citizens to keep saying this, quite frankly.

The Democrats have caved to their radical mob. These radical nutbags used to sit on the fringe (for a reason), but Dems invited them to have a seat at the “big table,” and now they’re paying the price. Bigly.

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Democrats can’t appease their radical base while appealing to middle-class Americans. The two do not go hand in hand.  So, the American people get pushed aside, while the Dems provide comfort and appeasement to the blue-haired non-binary crowd and the BLM radical Marxists.

That leaves middle-America looking elsewhere for political support – and thankfully they’re fining it inside the Republican Party.

And that brings us to the wild phenomenon that’s happening on CSPAN.

Democrat voters keep calling into the show vowing to vote for President Trump.

And I am not just talking about one or two…it keeps happening, continuously.

If you really pay attention to what’s happening in this country – and I am not talking about polls – even the ones showing Trump “up,” because all of those polls can be sop skewed and reported on in so many different ways. But if you look at the ratings for the “woke sports,” and the calls coming into CPSAN, and the Trump boat parades – all of these things tell a very clear story about what is happening in this country.

The Democrat Party is lost…and the American people know it.


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