John Kasich is a traitor.

He’s a bitter crotchety old man who can’t accept change.

Kasich is the product of a bygone era, where the Republican Party behaved exactly like the Democrat Party and only worked on behalf of their billionaire open-border donors.

Kasich is a dirty-rotten globalist, but aside from that, he’s also a terrible guy.

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Christie spoke out after Kashich’s revolting speech, where he urged Republicans to vote for fellow globalist Joe Biden. Christie says that when Kasich ran for president and embarrassed himself back in 2016, not one single GOP governor endorsed him – and there’s a reason for that.

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According to Christie, Kasich is an unlikeable, liar, and backstabber.

Watch. this video of when Kasich correctly called Joe Biden a liar:

Christie goes on to say that after Kasich calls Biden a few times, he’s gonna wanna change his phone number.

Ha ha ha.

You can watch the video below:


What a disgrace this guy is. It’s amazing to see how TDS has eaten away at these people’s souls and their minds.

But let’s look at this as a good thing.

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We’ve wanted to get rid of these loser RINOs for a long time….how great did it work out that now these cancerous jerks are literally the “headliners” in the communist Democrat Party?

Honestly, it’s the best turn of events ever.


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