Poor Brian, he is not a quick learner, is he?

CNN’s biggest chucklehead and probably the lowest-rated fake news guy on cable TV –  Brian Stelter – has been dragged around Twitter like a used up rag doll more times than I can count…but he keeps coming back for more.

This time he decided to go after the King of Cable News, Tucker Carlson, and as with all things Brian does, it was a massive flop.

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He ended up tucking his tail and waddling off.

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It all started when Stelter aired a ridiculous segment on his low-rated CNN show where he claims that there’s no “anti-Trump” news programming.

You can watch the video below:

I mean, it’s beyond tone-deaf and dishonest to even suggest this, especially when poll after poll that shows the American people believe the media is biased against Trump and research studies show over 90 percent of coverage is “anti-Trump.”

And even if you forget all that, anyone with half a functioning brain can clearly see that our liberal-run activist media is a propaganda wing for the left.

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So, the Daily Caller put out a tweet highlighting #1 rated Tucker Carlson ripping Stelter for his stupid comment. Tucker also shared a slew of CNN clips, proving how biased they are against Trump.

Like we didn’t know this already….🙄

You can watch that video below:

“Tucker Carlson rips into CNN and @brianstelter for saying there are no media companies that exist to tear down Donald Trump and then plays clips of CNN’s coverage of the president: “Turns out the people who work over at CNN don’t watch it. They watch this channel full time.”

Stelter, who is notoriously thin-skinned, saw the post he was tagged in and commented.

The always-defensive Stelter responded in typical “hysterical” fashion, spouting lies and pretending stuff he did, he didn’t do…bla bla bla, the usual.

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“Funny how neither I nor CNN said what you, uh, just claimed we said. I merely asked a question, in the middle of a discussion about right-wing talk radio stars that rant instead of report.”

But that wasn’t the end of it…Daily Caller responded back and walloped Donut Man with facts:

Here’s what Daily Caller said: “Yes or no, Brian: Do you believe that those clips Tucker played show unbiased reporting from your network or were they ranting about the president?”

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Now, here’s where it gets good, and Brian tucks his tail and takes off running.

“That’s not a yes or no question. Nice try though. Have a good night.”

Ha ha ha ha ha

That’s what happens when the “FAKE NEWS” is faced with truth…They take off running.

Beautiful 🤣


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