You have to ask yourself — why are so many white people the “face” of BLM?

If Black Lives Matter is a movement that means so much to so many black people, why do most of the protests consist of skinny white guys and rotund white girls?

Let’s be honest, BLM is a Geroge Soros-backed movement that is built atop a Marxist platform which is a haven for white social misfits.

It’s anti-American, anti-white (ironically), and pro-communist.

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These people don’t give two toots about “black lives.” If they did, they would be marching in front of Planned Parenthood – a place that kills more “black lives” than anyone, or they’d be flooding the streets of Chicago, demanding Democrat leaders do something about the hopeless poverty in black communities that’s causing crime, death, and drug abuse.

Are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA Marxist movements?

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But they don’t do any of that. Instead, they focus on “police brutality.” Which is really ironic, since over 80 percent of blacks want the same amount or more police presence in their communities.

That doesn’t sound like a group of people who want to focus on “police brutality” now does it?

And that’s what this amazing black woman tried to explain to this clueless white kid at a BLM protest.

She confronted this kid, and left him speechless as she explained to him exactly why BLM does not care one bit about “black lives.”

You can watch the video below:

These white idiots who protest for BLM think they’re doing “poor/oppressed” black people a favor.

Give me a break.

Let me tell you something, black folks don’t need some 105-pound white dork chanting a stupid marketing phrase in a park for 7 hours. What they need are politicians that will actually help them with school choice, jobs, family-unit training, and infrastructure.

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These white communists are either actively using black people to push their own agenda, or are clueless, and actually think their “omnipresence” is helping blacks.

Either way, BLM is not doing anything to help black communities or black families and more people need to realize that.


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