The BLM mob didn’t wanna mess with this pissed off driver, and when he confronted them, they parted like the Red Sea and allowed him to drive through.

The incident happened in Austin, Texas…a group of BLM agitators gathered on a highway blocking traffic – once again, this is the absolute dumbest way to try and ingratiate yourself and your cause to the American people. There is nothing Americans hate worse than being stopped from going to work, or getting home by a bunch of clueless, unemployed communist teenagers.

That’s exactly what happened when this black guy rolled up on the scene. The cars all came to a stand-still while these liberal nincompoops meandered around the highway in the dark.

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The man JUMPED out of his car and cusses out the protesters. He said, “I got bills, I got kids! Get the f–k out my way!

Are Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA Marxist movements?

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He exchanged a few words in an aggressive manner with the skinny “head nincompoop” and then hopped back in his truck. Moments later the crowd moved to the side and let the man through.

You can watch the video below:

After they let this guy go through, the group of social misfits regrouped and got back into “formation” and started blocking cars again.

Notice how most everyone isn’t “black” at this so-called “Black Lives Matter” protest?

It’s always the same clan protesting in these uber-liberal cities…a bunch of spindly white dudes and husky blue-haired ladies wearing “Hot Topic” outfits.

This is literally an uprising of miserable social misfits – the type of people who wore trench coats to school when it was 85 degrees outside.

And these are the communist losers that Barack Obama and the rest of the Dems have hitched their political wagons to…the “peaceful protesters” fighting the “good fight.”

Absolute absurdity. 


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