I really don’t understand the Kamala Harris pick.

I think this was the biggest blunder Team Biden has made, and that’s saying a lot because they’ve made a lot of blunders.

Harris polled like garbage during the Dem primary. She was a massive disappointment and underwhelmed voters. Her personality shifted between flat and bitchy, with nothing in between.

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Her record of locking up black men for marijuana possession is abysmal by today’s “BLM standards.” But her quest to lock up innocent people and keep innocent people behind bars is what is truly shocking.

You can watch the video below:

She’s a Dem establishment candidate who flip-flops whichever way the wind blows and has done next to nothing during her time in the Senate.

You can watch the video below:

Yet, this is the woman who will be the “face” of the campaign…and don’t get me started on her face. Remember that Godawful facelift she just got?

Biden’s campaign is unlike anyother…he’s two sneezes away from full-blown Alzheimer’s, so his VP pick is more than just his “sidekick,” it’s understood that his VP will actually be the “president.” and keeping that in mind, he still went with Kamala Harris?

It’s baffling.

But CNN’s latest opinion piece adds more fuel to the fire that Biden won’t even be the Dems nominee.

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CNN is now telling readers that Harris will be ready to “step in” if and when Biden steps aside.

Steps aside? When? Now, later? What the heck is going on here?

Here’s what they said: “Joe Biden made the pick that maximized his chances of continuing to make the race a straight referendum on Trump while also selecting someone whose resume suggests being ready to step in, if and when Biden decides to step aside.”


A woman who couldn’t close the deal during the primaries and had to bow out early is now ready to take over running the entire country?

Biden would have been better off picking Susan Rice. Yes, she is a disgraced liar, but aren’t they all? At least she has a record of doing “stuff” and she worked inside the White House with Obama. That would have amounted to at least something.

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Instead, Team Biden is trying to sell us “Kamala Harris” as the “President in Waiting.” It’s mind-blowing that anyone thinks this was a smart political move.

I think it was a disaster.

Now, Team Biden has two unqualified losers on the ticket instead of just one.


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