There’s nothing more fun and energetic than the Trump Boat Parades.

And they’re HUGE.

Some places seeing more than 800 boats at a time.

One of these parades was so big, it actually sunk an onlookers boat in Portland.

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The boat parades are wild, and the energy level is off the charts.

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So, when Biden supporters responded to the massively popular and huge boat parades with a small “golf cart parade” it felt very sad.

I think the saddest part about the slow-moving “parade” which took place at the senior living community “The Villages,” was that it felt as slow and low energy as Joe’s entire campaign.

You can watch the video below:

All I can. say after watching this, is Biden really “lucked out” that COVID happened when it did because if he had to go rallies, he’d be in big trouble.

One, I don’t think he could handle the schedule, and two, I think they’d have the same “vibe” as this sleepy golf cart parade.


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