This subdivision in Ft. Collins, Colorado is great. Everyone who lives there looks like members of “Bikers For Trump.” It’s gotta be one of the safest communities in America!

It certainly was the wrong place for Antifa to try and infiltrate, that’s for darn sure 🤣

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As you can imagine, when the spindly beanstalk commies lumbered into the neighborhood, these burly and very manly Americans were waiting for them.

At first, the effeminate commies put up a bit of a fight…and by “fight” I mean whining with their high-pitched girly voices and saying things like “hey, you’re not allowing me to express myself bla bla bla…”

Towards the end of the clip though, an actual massive fight breaks out and those “commie bastards” got their butts kicked on someone’s side lawn.

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I like the one guy you can hear yelling, “Everyone keep your hands off your weapons and just keep punching them in the face.”

You can watch the video below:

This should be an eyeopener for all those spindly communists out there.

It’s one thing taking over a city that some bespectacled liberal soy-goober runs, it’s quite another trying to take over neighborhoods where actual patriotic American MEN live. They won’t surrender their lives and families to some 105-pound 19-year-old guy who eats kale chips and chia seeds, or some 300-pound blue-haired woman with more piercings and tattoos than a pirate.

These dopey kids are in for a rude and very painful awakening.


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