America’s truck drivers have a very important message for liberal cities who are defunding their police department….”Learn to Grow.”

The trucking industry wants to make it very clear that they will not venture into cities that have defunded their police, so if they want food supplies, they either keep their police or learn to grow their own food.

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Trucking companies are not willing to risk their driver’s safety or compromise their hauls in cities where the bad guys rule the roost.

They said they’ll simply cut off the supply chain and if that happens, liberal cities will run out of food within 72 hours.

From Western Journal 

“Our first priority is to support our drivers and their safety when they’re on the road,” Mike Kucharski, co-owner of Summit, Illinois-based JKC Trucking, told the Fox program.

“Defunding the police is a bad idea because when you’re on the road, you have — you’re for weeks and days at a time, driving 11 hours with valuable cargo, everybody wants to steal this.”

On the road, Kucharski said, “There’s no safe place. Violence is everywhere. So, if you’re going to be having valuable cargo and there’s going to be no police to rely on, who’s going to protect our drivers?

“The states that are going to defund the police, we’re not going to go to because we’re trying to avoid those states for safety reasons.”

It’s a message Kucharski has been trying to spread far and wide.

“These drivers have the right to refuse a load because they are worried about their own safety,” Kucharski told conservative, Wisconsin-based radio host Vicki McKenna in a June 30 interview, according to a JKC Trucking news release.

“If these drivers all refuse to go into these areas, the food supply chain collapses. There’s going to be no more essential goods. The people in these states are going to run out of food. Then there’s going to be complete chaos. I’d say 72 hours and that’s it. The party’s over.”

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And truck drivers aren’t just talking about big liberal cities like Minneapolis or communist New York, they’re saying any city or town who decides to go through with this madness will be cut off.

Mike Kucharski made a great point about this lawless cities: “I mean … somebody wants to hijack the truck? Somebody beats up a driver? You know, hurts my driver? We’re not going to be able to help them, and we’re not going to be able to provide the backup for them to be safe.”

Why on earth would anyone take that risk, or put their employees in that dangerous situation?

Meanwhile, Democrat politicians are putting all their citizens in those dangerous positions just so they can score some SJW points with Marxist BLM.


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