I saw this clip of Alyssa Milano online and was absolutely floored at how haggard and shabby she looks.

This woman has allowed politics and Stage 5 Trump Derangement Syndrome to eat away at her soul and her looks.

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She’s actually wearing her anger, bitterness, fear, and conspiracy theories.

Look how far this woman has fallen:

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But the photo doesn’t do Alyssa’s transformation justice.

It’s the video clip that really shows the “progressive crazy” look.

It’s only 8-seconds long, but that clip is scarier than any horror movie you’ll ever see. You can just see the “crazy TDS” in her eyes. It’s that all-too-familiar look that rabid Trump-haters get.

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Alyssa took to TikTok (Chinese Spyware) to try and pump women up over Joe Biden.

Not only does poor Alyssa look like a haggard political mess, but her fake “enthusiasm” for Joe’s “women’s platform” is also a disaster.

You can watch the video below:

How on earth can any woman claim that Joe Biden cares about women’s issues?

Biden has spent his life using his power to abuse and intimidate women with unwanted sniffing and creepy and harassing nuzzling, not to mention how he’s inappropriately touched young girls, and of course, we can’t forget Tara Reid, and her credible accusations about him sexually attacking her.

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As a woman, I just don’t see how any female could be excited about a perverted old man who’s two sneezes away from full-blown Alzheimer’s “representing” their needs.

And by the look and sound of Alyssa, she doesn’t see how it can happen either.


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