I watched this video and was actually wondering to myself…”Is this woman okay?”

Alyssa Milano seems like she’s going off the deep end.

She’s been looking absolutely awful – stressed, gaunt, and sallow. She also looks like she’s aged about 20-years over the past few months.

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Now, Alyssa is making bathroom videos where she’s pulling out her hair and blaming it on COVID.

Milano urged everyone to take COVID “seriously” as she’s pulling wads of hair from her head.

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Um, I have a feeling that Alyssa’s hair loss is probably due to 2020 election stress, or her Stage 5 TDS, or maybe those unpaid taxes?

Milano made sure to add a “Wear a Damn Mask” hashtag to her video.

You can watch the video below:

I have had COVID – a really bad case of it, and my hair is fine. My daughter and mother both had it as well, and they don’t have hair loss either.

I’ve never heard this was a symptom of COVID, and I didn’t realize Alyssa Milano was diagnosed with COVID either.

I must’ve missed that one…



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