In case you were worried that Trump wasn’t “ready” for the 2020 election, please, watch this video and your mind will be instantly be put at ease.

I don’t know if I have ever seen Trump look so good…and I’m serious.

I clicked “play” on this video, and I didn’t even hear what he said, I was so distracted by how good, strong, fit, healthy, and confident he looks.

It’s remarkable. This man has been doing the most God awful stressful job in the world, made 1000x worse by all the extra chaos he has to deal with thanks to the communist Dems, and he still looks like he just casually strolled off the beach, threw on a designer suit and decided to chat with a few friends.

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And has he lost weight?

Most presidents look like hell after their first term. But not this guy. He literally looks like a billion bucks. And the best part is that he looks 100 percent ready to reclaim his throne.

Watch this clip, and tell me this isn’t the healthiest and most confident-looking you’ve seen Trump.

The comparison between Trump on an average day with Sleepy Dementia Joe Biden is stunning, but this svelte and dapper Trump here just blows frumpy dumpy old Biden right outta the water.

I am so ready for Trump to win this thing and get started on his next term!


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