President Trump went to Walter Reid Hospital to visit our wounded vets.

The media made a huge deal out of President Trump wearing a mask to the hospital like it was some “submissive” move by Trump.


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Hospitals are riddled with all sorts of germs and are likely breeding grounds for COVID…look what Dem governors did to nursing homes, turned them into COVID death tombs…so it only makes sense that Trump would wear a mask.

Do you wear a medical mask in public?

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He’s practical and filled with common sense, not a hysterical lunatic.

From NPR

President Trump on Saturday was photographed wearing a mask during a visit to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, after months of refusing to don the medical expert-recommended face coverings meant to help slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“I love masks in the appropriate locations,” Trump said, speaking to reporters at the White House before his visit.

Trump’s usual reluctance to cover his mouth and nose in public has been a point of controversy during the nation’s coronavirus crisis, especially as cases of COVID-19 continue to spike — particularly in Republican-led states.

Before taking off for Walter Reed, Trump said he’d “probably” wear a mask.

“I think when you’re in a hospital, especially in that particular setting, where you’re talking to a lot of soldiers and people that, in some cases, just got off the operating tables, I think it’s a great thing to wear a mask,” the president told reporters. “I’ve never been against masks, but I do believe they have a time and a place.”

But my favorite part about the “Trump Mask Sensation” was how absolutely ‘badass’ he looked in it.

Even this New York Post reporter thinks so.

And when you compare feeble, confused, and weak-looking Biden in his mask to strong, stoic President Trump is lights out for Dementia Joe! 😂

You can watch the video below:

President Trump looked so good in fact, that even his critics had to concede that he looked “cool.”

Michael Tracey is an independent journalist who supported Tulsi and Bernie.

No matter what Trump does, he always looks strong and capable, because that’s’ just who he is.

You can’t “fake” that sort of thing, as we’ve seen with Joe and even Hillary, back in 2016.

Next time President Trump wears a mask, I hope that he wears a MAGA on, or maybe even one of those “scary skull” ones…Either of those would really freak out liberals!


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