I am sure there is a logical explanation to hundreds of babies laughing at the same time in this toy store, I just don’t have one at the time.

When my sister and I were growing up, she had a doll that she kept in her that just evil as all get out. I wouldn’t mess with it, but I would stare longer than usual because I felt anywhere I walked in the room, the doll’s eyes would follow me.

There was one particular day, I thought my sister had hid a toy from me and I was checking her room. I swore I heard this doll say “mama,” with nobody around. I was creeped out so I threw her into another part of the room. On the next day, I saw the same doll under my bed. I ran and told my mom about it, who lovingly called me crazy.

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I made the big brother decision to take the doll and hide it in the attic and forgot about it. My sister always wondered where that doll went. We left the house a few years later and that doll. I will never forget it.

In the video below, this security guard whips out his cell phone and starts recording. It’s eerie but I am sure there is a reason for this horror scene, right?

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NOTE: Only one baby figure was moving and maybe I looked too hard but I thought the baby’s head was looking at the security guard for a second. I am losing it.

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