William Barr appeared before Congress yesterday.

I am not exactly sure why he was there; since Democrats didn’t allow Barr to answer any questions.

Instead, they interrupted him and used the term “reclaiming my time,” in order to cut-off the Attorney General left, right, and center.

It was non-stop.

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It was a sad and desperate display by a political party that is just flailing in the wind right now.

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The media is telling us the Dems have everything perfectly sewn up – Biden is 277 points ahead in the polls and life is good…meanwhile, they’re in desperation mode, angry, bitter, and spitting fire…hardly the “jovial and happy winners” that the fake news claims they are.

And how they treated Barr shows the level of worry and concern they have regarding his probe into the Russia investigation.

You can watch the video below:

The Democrats think treating the AG like a piece of trash makes them look “tough.”

But it doesn’t. It makes them look petty and rude and very partisan.


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