This video is very hard to watch, it makes you question everything you know about society and humanity.

Two teen girls beat savagely beat a pregnant woman outside of her house in Illinois.

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One girl was filming the beatdown, and a young man who came flying in out of nowhere kicked the woman’s toddler in the head and then stomped on the pregnant woman’s head.

From New York Post

A group of teens pummeled a pregnant Illinois mom — and even drop-kicked her helpless tot — during a caught-on-video brawl, according to footage and reports.

The disturbing confrontation circulating on Twitter showed two young women attacking the woman as she stood with her young daughter outside a home Friday in the village of Brooklyn.

Two of the girls are seen in the footage attacking the woman, pulling her hair and pushing her to the ground.

A third girl filmed the attack on the mom, who is pregnant, The Sun reported.

As the group clobbered the mom, a teen boy suddenly ran over and kicked the toddler in the head, the report said.

He then proceeded to stomp on the mother’s head, as she struggled on the ground.

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You can watch the video below (warning, this is hard to watch):

The mother of the boy took to Facebook to defend her son, saying he didn’t mean to kick that toddler in the head.

Give me a break.

She said that the toddler just “got in the way.”

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“He didn’t try 2 kick that baby he tried 2 jump over the baby on to her and made a mistake…as y’all can see the baby ran from under the girl fighting while he was coming down,” said the mom, who was not identified in the report.

“My kid is not that type 2 kick a baby…accident [sic] happen.”


The victim reportedly has head injuries and her attackers have been identified and charges are pending.


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